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Fostering a Climate of Inclusion, Sensitivity and Respect in the Workplace

Cultural Sensitivity 

Example Objectives:

  • Identify the elements of cultural competence in the workplace

  • Increase your understanding of your own cultural background and how it affects your perceptions and interpretations of other cultures

  • Recognize the three dimensions of cultural awareness when interacting with other cultures

  • Develop the skills needed to practice respectful and caring behavior toward culturally diverse individuals and groups

  •  Understand how values differ among cultures

  • Identify different communication styles among diverse cultural groups

  • Give and receive feedback in a caring, respectful way

  • Adapt behaviors that support cultural competency and minimize behaviors that undermine it

Key Topics Covered:

  • Developing personal cultural awareness

  • How to build rapport and communicate with your entire body

  • Techniques for giving feedback to ensure understanding

  • Hall’s pattern of communication

  • Behaviors that support and undermine cultural competency

  • Strategies for handling sensitive situations

This program is customizable to address the specific needs of your organization.
*This topic can be effectively paired with diversity training, in which case, we recommend presenting Cultural Sensitivity as Part One followed by Diversity.
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