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Vision, Trust, Influence, Character, Motivation, Inspiration, Empowerment... Leadership: Achieving Results Through Others

The Modern-Day Leader's Key Abilities:

Understanding how to work with the people around them.

The most effective leaders know their team: What makes them tick, what strengths they possess, how they prefer to go about their work, and what activities will excite or deflate them.

We help our clients hire and develop the best leaders. The following solutions are designed to help leaders excel in the most efficient way.

You may be overwhelmed by one or more of the following leadership development-related challenges:


  • Concerns of the Leaders ability to influence others' behavior in order to accomplish an objective

  • Understanding exactly what the leaders’ duties are, how he/she devotes time and resources, and how he/she develops the team

Give Your Client Clarity:

  • How to bring many interrelated parts of leadership into play, including: Vision, trust, influence, character, service, motivation, inspiration, and empowerment, just to name a few.

  • How to work with the people around them (peers and teams)


As a result, you will be able to reveal: Most effective leaders know their team. What makes them tick, what strengths they possess, how they prefer to go about their work, and what activities will excite or deflate them. Your client will love you for delivering these insights.

TriMetrix EQ® in Leadership Development

This tool measures 5 core dimensions of emotional intelligence, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.

Becoming more emotionally intelligent is the implied goal of virtually all leadership training. TriMetrix EQ helps leaders of all shapes and sizes to become more self-aware, understand potential blind spots in their leadership style, improve trust and relationships with their team, and to help them get the most out of themselves and the people they lead.

As leaders, our ability to influence others is greatly enhanced through increasing our awareness on a behavioral model. Combined, with a deep understanding of our personal drivers we can determine what sort of work will engage us and what will make us unhappy and unproductive. We are then able to tailor our management strategies to suit individual needs of the team.

TriMetrix® DNA in Leadership

This tool measures 25 competencies or soft skills, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.

TriMetrix DNA uncovers a person’s 25 job-related skills in combination with their behaviors and drivers. The advantage of the DNA profile is that it allows hiring managers to quickly assess the level of mastery of a large number of competencies and whether each skillsis either crucial, important, or somewhat important to job performance.

This multi-science report provide better options for selecting/recruiting, more comprehensive information, and more “ah-ha” moments.

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