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Lead People Effectively by Identifying What Really Drives Them and Their Emotions

The Report That Shows You More:

Want a get a clear picture of your staff? Understand their behaviors (the how) and drivers (the why), in combination with EQ (how they react). This assessment will unveil the strengths and weaknesses in three important areas.

TriMetrix® EQ enables you to dive deeper and paint a more complete story of an individual.

This assessment tool combines three sciences: Behaviors, Drivers and Emotional Quotient. You can use this assessment to elevate the understanding of talent.

Our clients use TriMetrix EQ to...
  • Develop talent more effectively

  • Resolve conflict

  • Identify future leaders

so their clients’ can better maximize the potential of their people.

Personal Reports

TriMetrixEQ® personal reports reveal an individual’s emotional intelligence, along with a person's “how” and “why,” by analyzing three unique sciences (EQ, DISC, 12 Driving Forces) that paint a much more complete picture of the person. These reports are valuable for personal and professional development, conflict management, and many other workplace-related applications.

  • TriMetrix EQ - Management-Staff Report - Measures emotional intelligence, key behaviors and drivers. Most commonly used report for middle management and mainstream employees.

  • TriMetrix EQ - Executive Report - Measures emotional intelligence, key behaviors and drivers. For a deeper dive to uncover greater insights of an executive-level individual.

  • TriMetrix EQ - Sales Report - Measures sales capacity of a person based on their emotional intelligence, key behaviors and drivers. For a deeper look at salespeople and managers.

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