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Decoding the True Character of a Person's Behaviors and Drivers in One Combined Report

Talent Insights Show You More:

The TTI Talent Insights® Report (DISC + 12 Driving Forces®) provides a more complete picture of you by revealing your behaviors and motivators in one comprehensive report.

This assessment will help you lead and communicate more effectively by looking at "how" you do what you do, and the "why" behind your behavior.

Our clients use Talent Insights...
  • As part of their hiring process to select the best candidates

  • To onboard effectively

  • As a tool to coach employees

  • As a resource for people development and to manage conflict

  • To develop leaders that will elevate the company from within

Report Options

Reveal, Release, Realize, Human Potential using the following reports:

Personal Reports
Personal Reports

Personal reports uncover a person’s “how” and “why” by analyzing natural and adapted behavioral factors and the things that drive the person to action every day. By uncovering multiple dimensions of a person, you’ll find these reports valuable for personal and professional development, hiring, and many workplace-related applications.

  • Talent Insights - Management-Staff Report - Measures behaviors & drivers/motivators. Most commonly used for middle management and mainstream employees.

  • Talent Insights - Executive Report - Measures behaviors and drivers/motivators for executive-level positions.

  • Talent Insights - Sales Report - Measures sales capacity of a person based on behaviors and drivers/motivators. For assessing areas of strength and weakness for salespeople.

Comparison Reports
Comparison Reports

Your Talent Insights comparison reports combine the DISC and 12 Driving Forces® results of two individuals. You can use the report to identify similarities and differences between two people to help improve communication through better understanding. Perfect for those looking to build a better relationship, work better together or to resolve conflict.

  • Talent Insights - Talent Report This report compares and contrasts two individuals’ behaviors and drivers/motivators, to uncover synergies and potential areas of conflict.

  • Talent Insights - Job/Talent Comparison Report - Measures one to five candidates to the job benchmark to see how they each compare to the job. Used for identifying lead candidates in hiring and selection.

Team Reports
Team Reports

Your Talent Insights Team reports visualizes the results of multiple individual DISC and 12 Driving Forces assessments into one collective team snapshot. This report highlights how each individual fits within the overall team dynamic.

Talent Insights - Team Report - Highlights how individuals’ behaviors and drivers/motivators fit within the overall team dynamic.

Job Related Reports
Job Related Reports

Your Talent Insights job related reports help you identify the key skills and accountabilities needed to perform in a particular job role. The report includes interview questions to assess a potential candidates’ ability to match the role.

Talent Insights - Job Report - Defines the type of behavioral factors and drivers best suited for a particular role. The report assesses the job role, not the person.

Talent Insights - Multi-Respondent Report - Measures behaviors and drivers for a position by combining the results of each person to create a job benchmarking report. Used for hiring and selection and includes interview questions.

Talent Insights - Gap Report - Measures job fit through a color-coding system, identifying an excellent to poor job match. Used for selection, employee development and succession planning.

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