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The artistry of coaching is working through the content, while at the same time, never forgetting the human element.

Coaching & Mentoring

Executive and Leadership  Coaching provides leaders a resource to address immediate and future needs in their personal and professional growth and development.  We begin with the Science of Self to make sure our services are aligned with the needs of each client.


Our Approach is one of Building Relationships of Trust


Clarify - We begin the coaching relationship by using the right assessments. Communication, establishing goals and expectations are the foundation of our coaching services.


Co-construct -  We believe it is critical to establish non-judgmental accountabilities that are driven by the client’s needs. We draw out the plan/process with the client as the creator and owner of the process.


Emotional Buy-In - We facilitate talking, writing, mediating the experience around the comfort level of each client. We help the client see themselves as successful and deserving of their goal. Our confidential code of ethics governed the building of trust with each client. 


Action - No plan is of value if it does not include action. We work with each client to create realistic and motivating action plans and facilitate effective accountability


Refine - We recognize that this is an ever-changing world and what might be of importance at one session may have become second to a more pressing priority. We provide flexible and in-the-moment coaching to address these needs as they arise while also helping create stability where such “fire-fighting” moments do not occur.



Piedmont uses the same approach to Group and Team coaching. 

360 Assessments

This tool gathers feedback in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills.

360 surveys are assessment tools that provide leaders and employees with feedback about their performance. The surveys’ subject is rated in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills. The subject also rates themselves in these areas.

360 surveys allow employees to assess strengths and weaknesses in their workplace performance, interpersonal communication and/or management style with a focus on individual and organizational development. Managers and executives can use the information provided by a 360 survey to create organizational and individual development plans. Managers and executives also gain tremendous personal benefit as they see how their leadership styles and methods are perceived by those they manage. As they make adjustments to better interact with and manage their employees, the entire organization benefits from the improvement to productivity.

TriMetrix EQ 

This tool measures 5 core dimensions of emotional intelligence, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.


Understand your behaviors (the how) and drivers (the why), in combination with EQ (how you react). This assessment will unveil strengths and weaknesses in three important areas.

TriMetrix® EQ enables you to dive deeper and paint a more complete story of an individual.

This assessment tool combines three sciences: Behaviors, Drivers and Emotional Quotient. You can use this assessment to elevate the understanding of talent.

TriMetrix DNA

This tool measures 25 competencies or soft skills, 4 core behavioral characteristics and 12 Driving Forces.

TriMetrix DNA uncovers a person’s 25 job-related skills in combination with their behaviors and drivers. The advantage of the DNA profile is that it quickly assess the level of mastery of a large number of competencies and whether each skill is either crucial, important, or somewhat important to job performance.

Myers Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung’s theory of personality types understandable and useful in everyday life. MBTI results identify valuable differences between normal, healthy people, differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miscommunication.


Taking the MBTI assessment and receiving feedback will help you identify your unique gifts. The information will enhance your understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth. It will also help you appreciate people who are different from you. Understanding your Myers-Briggs type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others.

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