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Appreciating Differences & Overcoming Biases

Diversity & Inclusion

Example Objectives:

  • Understand the subtle ways that bias occurs

  • Identify instances of devaluing others through small, subconscious behaviors and micro inequities

  • Establish a framework to increase inclusion at the organizational level

  • Recognize different ways of conveying respect

  • Address conflict productively and respectfully

  • Lead by example and be part of the solution

Key Topics Covered:

  • How to recognize and overcome a fundamental attribution error

  • Examples of micro-affirmations which help to compensate for micro-inequities and make others feel valued

  • How to restructure workplace design to create a framework for inclusion in an organization

  • Recognizing what respect means to each individual and how to communicate according to five specific categories of respect

  • Behaviors and perspectives necessary for successful and respectful conflict resolution before, during and after the resolution process

  • Exhibiting behaviors that influence others to be part of the solution

  • How to give and receive feedback on negative behavior in a respectful manner

  • Understanding ways to surpass barriers and seek personal growth

This program is customizable to address the specific needs of your organization. 
*This topic can be effectively paired with cultural sensitivity training, in which case we recommend presenting Cultural Sensitivity as Part One followed by Diversity.
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