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Choose the Specific TriMetrix DNA Report to Deliver Maximum Impact

The Report That Shows You More:

Want to hire and retain the best talent? Using a TriMetrix DNA Report, you will have a research-based tool that will create results and an environment where people are more engaged and productive.

A TriMetrix® DNA (DISC + 12 Driving Forces® + Competencies) assessment will provide a report that shows you an individual’s job-related skills in combination with their behavior and drivers.

Using TriMetrix DNA shows you a person’s strengths and weaknesses. These insights are used for personal and professional development, and give  a variety of ways to achieve a higher level of results.

Our clients use TriMetrix DNA to...
  • Develop talent more effectively

  • Hire from entry to executive level

  • Identify and develop future leaders

Report Options

Reveal, Release, Realize, Human Potential using the following reports:

Personal Reports
Personal Reports

TriMetrix DNA® personal reports reveal a person’s job-related personal skills in combination with their behaviors and drivers. Uncovering multiple dimensions of a person, these reports are valuable for hiring the right candidate for the right position, personal and professional development, and determining the type of job best suited for an individual.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Management-Staff Report - Measures personal skills, behaviors and drivers/motivators. The most commonly used report for middle management and mainstream employees.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Executive Report - Measures personal skills, behaviors and drivers/ motivators. Most commonly used report for executives and for executive coaching.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Sales Report - Measures personal skills, behaviors and drivers/ motivators. Most commonly used report for salespeople and for sales coaching.

Comparison Reports
Comparison Reports

TriMetrix DNA comparison reports combine the Competencies (DNA), DISC and 12 Driving Forces results for the purpose of comparing two individuals. Perfect for comparing job candidate finalists or so you can ensure the right employees are in the right positions.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Comparison Report - Compares the results of two individuals’ TriMetrix DNA reports. For optimizing working conditions and developing employees.

Job Related Reports
Job Related Reports

TriMetrix DNA job related reports help identify the key skills and accountabilities needed to perform in a particular job role. You can use these reports for comparing finalists for a particular position - or for ensuring the right person is in the right role. The report includes interview questions so you can assess a potential candidates’ ability to match the role.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Job Report - Defines personal skills, behavioral factors and drivers best-suited for a particular role. The report assesses the job role, not the person.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Job/Talent Comparison Report - Measures one to five candidates to the job benchmark to see how they each compare to the job. Used for identifying lead candidates in hiring and selection.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Multi-Respondent Report - Measures personal skills, key behaviors and drivers needed for a position by combining the results of each person's data to create a job benchmarking report. Used for hiring and selection and includes interview questions.

  • TriMetrix DNA - Gap Report - Measures job fit through a color-coding system, identifying an excellent to poor job match. Used for selection, employee development and succession planning.

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