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Lead People Effectively by Identifying what Really Drives Them

The Drivers Of Your Life In Action:

Discover and reveal what motivates your clients’ employees. When they experience the 12 Driving Forces they will start to understand the why behind people's actions.

The 12 Driving Forces is an assessment tool that measures what really drives us. It is built around six basic areas of motivation that people experience on any given day.

You can release an individual’s potential by using the 12 Driving Forces assessment to solve many of your professional development challenges.

Our clients use Driving Forces to...
  • Reveal what drives an individual

  • Reveal unique strengths

  • Hire and develop the right talent

  • Increase employee productivity

Report Options

Reveal, Release, Realize, Human Potential using the following reports:

  • Personal Reports -- a starting point into each individuals awareness stage

  • Team Reports -- a look into the team’s profile at a glance

  • Job Reports -- identify behaviors needed for a specific job

Personal Reports
Personal Reports

Your 12 Driving Forces® personal report uncovers a person’s “why” by analyzing specific areas of motivation that person possesses. You may find these reports valuable for personal and professional development, hiring, and many job-related situations.

12 Driving Forces - Talent Report - Measures a person’s motivation - what drives them into action. For any employee wanting insights that go deeper than behaviors (DISC).

Team Reports
Team Report

Your Driving Forces team reports visualizes the results of multiple individual Driving Forces assessments into one collective team snapshot. This report highlights how each individual fits within the overall team dynamic.

12 Driving Forces - Team Report - Summarizes a team’s Driving Forces. For identifying areas of strength and areas of need within a team.

Job Related Reports
Job Related Reports

Job related reports help identify the key skills and accountabilities needed to perform in a particular job role. The report includes interview questions to assess a potential candidates’ ability to match the role.

12 Driving Forces - Job Report - Identifies the drivers needed to successfully executive a specific job role. Assesses the position, not the person.

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