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Thrive During Covid - Coaching Sessions + Free Assessment

Updated: May 4, 2020

We are all feeling the impact of Covid-19 and looking forward with many emotions to how this experience will shape our future. More than ever we need strong leadership and team building skills.

This experience is showing how interdependent we are and it is also giving us the time to hone our skills. A great way to take advantage of this down time is to learn a new skill set and understanding of our natural tendencies toward change. This is where Piedmont HR can help.

Piedmont HR is offering a Complimentary DISC & Motivator Assessment

(*a $250 value)

Piedmont HR is offering a complimentary DISC & Motivator Assessment (TTI Talent Insights Assessment) with a 40+page digital color report when you schedule a special Covid-19-Rate debrief coaching session to help you identify your strengths, become more aware of your communication style and what motivates you to action. We will look at ways to improve communication with others and use this self awareness tool to become more flexible and create the future you want to see.

The session includes an assessment that unveils your behaviors (the how) and drivers (the why). Learn more about this tool here.

Schedule your half hour coaching session and you will receive a link to the assessment.

For questions, contact

Wanda Swain at or

Abigail Dowd at

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